Stefano Micheletti studied at the St. Cecilia Conservatorio di Musica, under Lya De Barberiis, taking his diploma (summa cum laude) in Pianoforte whilst still very young. He then took his diploma in Composition whilst studying under Maestro Ferdinandi and Maestro Guido Turchi. He was granted the A.R.A.M. award for best graduate of the year (1974/75).

In 1983 Stefano Micheletti took a diploma (summa cum laude) in a perfectionary course for Piano at the “Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia”. He received an award for special mention at the “Concorso Internazionale di Enna,” and in 1983 he won First Prize at the “Rendano” Piano Competition. Mr. Micheletti has performed for recitals transmitted for the Italian National Radio and TV (RAI) and for the Vatican Radio. He has held several concerts in Italy and abroad at the most important venues, such as: Accademia di S.Cecilia, Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Amici della Musica di Perugia, Orchestra Sinfonica di Perugia, Musica nel Nostro Tempo (Milan), Torino, Venice Biennale, at Munich under the Director Maestro Sinopoli, Amsterdam, Dublin and more.

He has recorded several CD’s for RCA, and has performed chamber music intensively with instrumental groups such as “Trio di Roma.” At the moment he is soloist for “I Solisti dell’Accademia Filarmonica Romana”: a group created and directed by M° Giuseppe Sinopoli. He teaches at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music in Rome, whilst also holding a Masterclass of Piano and orchestral music at the Conservatory of Perugia whithin the two-year course of advanced piano performance.


“Micheletti’s performance of Beethoven’s op.2 n.3 was decidedly that of a virtuoso; it was wildly enthusiastic. His masterly command of the keyboard is truly noteworthy…”

Alfredo Gasponi da “Il Messaggero”

“[…] we listened to the second Concert of Rachmaninov’s music, and were well impressed by soloist Stefano Micheletti, a truly valid musician. His great technical ability which was loudly applauded by the public which turned out at the Eliseo in great numbers…”

Umberto Nicoletti da “Il Corriere della Sera”

“Stefano Micheletti: true Musician and perfect pianist. His maturity is surprising; and deeply moving…”

Luigi Fait da “Osservatore Romano”

“[…] pianist Stefano Micheletti distinguished himself for prestige and confidence. His was the best performance of the evening at Florence’s Musicus Concentus…”

Da “La Nazione”

“[…] With a masterly touch and notable technical expertise, Stefano Micheletti, soloist of the second Concert of Rachmaninov, won the well-earned applause of the large audience at the Eliseo the other evening.”

Umberto Nicoletti da “Il Corriere della Sera”